Our Ancestors


Ed was born Edward James Atherholt Jr. When Ed was a toddler, his genetic father left. Mother Lucy raised him as a single parent until she met and married Al Gulda. Al was truly a gift from God, who loved his family as all should.


With Al came a son from his first marriage, which ended badly after he returned from the war in the Pacific. That son was another gift, a big brother with a wonderful family to this day. Together, Al and Lucy had two more children.


Ed found his genetic father in 1963 in Sacramento, California. He had a new wife and a new life. Over the years Ed and Ed communicated and met personally on many occasions. They became friends.


Nancy is the firstborn child of Allen Greenlee and Rose Blackerby. She and her oldest brother still live in the Michigan county where they were born.


Her youngest brother passed in an auto accident when thirty-seven years old. He left no children.


Her sister, the youngest of the four children of Allen and Rose, passed when she was fifty-four years old, leaving two sons.


Ed and Nancy met in grade school, and their parents were friends since that time.



We are the keeper of the family trees. We have Nancy's and Ed's as well as the ancestors of our son's and daughter's spouses. We can invite you to visit the trees upon request, just contact us.


Alfred Gulda's

ancestral lines


Atherholt and Ball

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Greenlee and Blackerby

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