Edward J. Gulda

Professional History

FJC Enterprises International, LLC   (1998-Current)

Managing Partner
Engagements included:
  • Interim Sr. VP, Accuride Corporation. Led six of their seven businesses through turnaround and re-listing on the NYSE.
  • CTC Distribution: Revitalized and staffed a warehousing and distribution center for Asian imports to auto makers.
  • Tripmaster Corporation - Acquired the Tripmaster onboard electronic fleet management business from Meritor, Inc. Merged it with its two largest distribution companies. Continued with the business through its sale.
  • Deloitte Consulting LLP: Advisor to their internal automotive supply outsourcing project.
  • Advisor to private equity firms, independent investors, bond holders, and fund managers.
Peregrine Incorporated   (1996-1997)      Spinoff of four distressed General Motors plants

Chairman and CEO
  • Led the new team for the launch year.
Acquisition Team
  • Negotiated the deal.
  • Hired the initial executive team.
Kelsey Hayes Company   (1989-1995)      Brake Systems. Now part of TRW and Bosch

Group Chief Executive
  • Achieved industry leadership with a new family of antilock brake systems.
  • Garnered $800 million of new business.
  • Expanded operations from the US to Europe, Japan and China.
  • Launched three new manufacturing plants on time and under budget.
  • Completed two major public offerings.
  • Negotiated a merger with one of the other industry leading brake manufacturers.
President, Anti-Lock Braking Systems and Controls
  • Led the development of a new ABS product that changed the entire industry cost structure.
  • Introduced in-house electronic module manufacture.
President, Brake Systems
  • Led the turnaround of a brake products business which had been near bankruptcy.
  • Merged the operations of Dayton Walther and Kelsey Hayes brake products.
Dayton Walther Corporation   (1988-1989)      Heavy Vehicle Brake Products. Now part of Bosch

President and COO
  • Engaged as operations leader of a three person Kelsey Hayes Company acquisition team while leading Dayton Walther.
  • Used DW as a base of operations for the eventual acquisition and merger with Kelsey Hayes.
  • Substantially restructured DW during this period.
ITT Teves   (1984-1988)      Automotive Brake Systems. Now part of Continental AG

President, Teves America
  • Integrated five manufacturing facilities in North America and Brazil.
  • The success of this endeavor led to recruitment by Varity Corporation to help acquire a Teves competitor, Kelsey Hayes Company.
Rockwell International, Automotive Group   (1978-1984)      Now Meritor, Inc.
Vice President, Engineering
  • Consolidated and headed R&D, product engineering, manufacturing engineering and quality systems into one organization for the entire Automotive Group.
  • This was preceded by four years as General Manager of the Automotive Electronics division.
General Manager, Automotive Electronics
  • Assigned by the Automotive Group President to assess whether this struggling startup could succeed.
  • Turned the business around, refocused all effort away from government projects and onto commercial markets.
  • Introduced the first onboard electronic fleet management system. Led development of the first application of GPS to vehicles.
Director, Product Planning
  • Chaired the product development activities of all divisions.
  • Authored and introduced a new product evaluation and planning system.
Ford Motor Company, Heavy Truck Operations   (1972–1978)

Supervisor, Heavy Truck Business Planning
  • Developed quasi financial statements to consolidate the diverse heavy truck activities across the Ford organization.
  • Consolidated monthly financials.
Group Leader, Air Brake Systems. Managed the design group during the first FMVSS 121 federal legislation compliance.

Group Leader, Truck Engines. Led the gasoline engine design group during replacement of the highest volume engines with a new engine family.

Group Leader Test Planning and Control

Systems Engineer . Developed system performance and validation methodologies, using aerospace project management experience.

LTV Aerospace Corporation   (1966–1972)

Systems Engineer
  • Lance Missile System, Multiple Artillery Rocket System: aeroballistics, flight simulation
  • Wrote 9 degree of freedom trajectory simulation software for special Army contract.
  • Drafting Leader (while undergraduate student)
Personal Information

  • BSE, Aerospace Engineering, The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan
  • MBA, The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Personal Data
  • USA Citizen
  • Married, two grown children, five grandchildren.
  • English, German, French, Latin languages
Personal Interests
  • Working with at risk young people
  • Developing information systems
  • Strength training
  • University of Michigan Alumni Association Life Member
  • Mensa
  • National Strength and Conditioning Association
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