Ed Gulda founded the company as a platform to transform distressed companies, acquire small businesses, and initiate new ventures. The acquisitions and start-ups continue under the banner of FJC Enterprises LLC. Ed is now focused where his heart is ... helping others to transform their companies. He is the principal and the only full time member of the E J Gulda Group. Other colleagues are called upon as needed; all have worked with Ed before and have proven track records.

The Team

Ed and his team are former CEOs, Division Presidents, General Managers and senior functional leaders who have led substantial companies and operations. Ed has worked with businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to multibillion dollar enterprises. He and his team are operations people, not academics.

Our Beliefs

We believe that the nature of business is to create wealth. An effective business is one which grows wealth efficiently. A good business is one which does good things. A great business one which is both effective and good.

We believe that a great business must have explicit purpose, complete capability, hunger for action and uncompromising ethics. Every team member must be fully committed to the pupose. Capability must constantly be strengthened, broadened and adapted to changing conditions. Action is driven by belief in the pupose, not artificial motivators. All actions must be taken within moral boundaries.

We take assignments consistently with these beliefs.

We offer business services for private owners, public companies, boards, investors, lenders and others. We continue this work for businesses primarily in the manufacturing and distribution sectors, where our experience is deepest. Learn more about our business services here